Rex Arts to provide Tuition Free camp, June 2018

Rex Arts has been invited to offer its summer musical theater camp at the Ryan Arts Center in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. In collaboration with a local non-profit (F.O.R.), Rex Arts will be providing TUITION FREE camp in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania the week of June 11-15, 2018!

Two Opportunities to Donate:
• Visit Rex Arts’ DONATE page
• Attend a Broadway Karaoke Fundraiser with Danielle Maggio at her Mom’s Restaurant near Pittsburgh
• See Facebook Event:


The Focus On Renewal Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corporation, or F.O.R. for short, was founded in 1969. F.O.R. founders led a group of mobilized citizens and community activists against corrupt local politicians to create an umbrella organization for much needed social services now ranging from food security, nutrition, early-childhood education, support groups and mental health, to arts programs for all ages and small business incubation.  These services are offered free to the community where today the median household income is $24,000; 100% of youth in McKees Rocks qualify for free breakfast & lunch programs, and 80% of youth live in a single parent household

F.O.R has now grown to house 30+ staff at 6 locations throughout McKees Rocks and Stowe Township. F.O.R. aims to support the people in the McKees Rocks community through programs for all ages aimed towards the development of healthy mind, body and spirit.  They work with a wide range of partners to ensure high quality programming is accessible to all 13,000 residents of the Sto-Rox Community.
Much of their programming is housed within the beautiful Ryan Arts Center & Sto-Rox Public Library: The Ryan Arts Center was made possible with significant funds from a fair-housing settlement granted to F.O.R. Unanimously, the community called for a place to come together and express ideas, share local traditions and grow culturally resulting in the creation of the Ryan Arts Center.


One of the areas that F.O.R. is attempting to strengthen is their performing arts programs. Ryan Arts Center houses a library, café, art gallery, two dance studios, a ceramics studio, kitchens and a fully equip theatre! All programs and services they offer to their community are free and open to the public. This is where Rex Arts comes in!

Danielle Maggio, a long-time teacher for Rex Arts and Pittsburgh native, works with F.O.R. as a Program Consultant.  Last summer, Danielle designed and directed Sto GIRLS Rocks Camp, a FREE youth music camp focused on the empowerment and education of young girls through popular music. This summer, Danielle is bringing quality musical theatre camps to McKees Rocks through her long-time employer Rex Arts!

F.O.R. is welcoming Danielle and Rex Arts and providing Rex Arts with a beautiful facility and all registration support for the camp. F.O.R. is eager to have our program in their community and we are eager to show them how magical and fun Rex Arts is! With your help, by contributing to this campaign, we can support the work of both Focus On Renewal (F.O.R.) and Recreational Arts, Inc., and ignite that spark of interest in the performing arts for the youth of McKees Rocks!!!

• Broadway Karaoke, near Pittsburgh
• See Facebook Event:
• OR Directly on the Rex Arts Webpage: DONATE

Any questions about Rex Arts fundraising contact Kathy Duffy:


Recreational Arts, Inc., is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides affordable arts education for students, and valuable employment for working artists
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